Monday, April 6, 2009

Can we say SLACKER......

Haha yep that would be me....2 weeks since I posted anything, I'm sorry....really I am! well its been busy around here and really shouldn't be sitting here right now I have a million things i should be doing! but while the crazy ones are at school I figured I would post quick.....

*As I type this my kitchen is getting put back together =) we spent the weekend putting tile in...I know how awesome for those that don't know we haven't had flooring in 3 yea flooring is HUGE deal around here haha!

*My Gagers B-Day is in a week, I can't believe he is going to be 6! That's just insane, we are going to the dells for gages B-Day and spring break, we're staying at the wilderness I'm excited we will have so much fun =)

*I joined 2 photography groups, the little hero's project and the Now I lay me down to sleep program, I am super excited to give back to people! they are both thing I have dealt with in my life and understand how important things are while your going threw hard times in your life! I'm way happy about it! =)

*I died my hair Pink...haha not all of it! it was a random moment ;) I have them way to often lately haha! Scar got her hair cut too =) it looks really cute! she wanted pink in her hair too but dad says no way! haha

OK I better get my happy ass back upstairs and help get the kitchen back together! =) I will try and get some pictures up later of the floor and hair =)

Peace out home slices!

P.S. if your on on the side and follow me on that....I update that more then my blog ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seven Saturday.....

ok I saw this on a fellow bloggers page and thought it was clever way to blog more, you post seven random things every saturday of things from your week! so im going to try and keep it going every week.

1. I've learned what life is like as a single parent the last 3 weeks with Brad gone all week, its been really stressfull with him gone alot but it will be worth it in the end...I hope!

2. Brad is in the works of taking a new job in madison building fire trucks! He loves it and im super happy for him!

3. I spent 2 days in the ER over the week...I had a really bad kidney infection and scar went to childrens cuz she was sick....thank god were all good now! =)

4. cupcake bites and cake pops are really cute but alot of work and I suck at making them!

5. Scarlet is all done with her castings, 6 weeks and her feet look so much better!

6. I know a secret and Im not telling ;) hehe!

7. cleaning the basement is really no fun.....I have a TON of cloths Boys size 18 months- 3T and girls 12 months - 3T anyone need clothes I just want them out of my basement!!! =)

ok I gotta go get back to that cleaning now.....thanks for letting me ramble about my silly little life =)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

what my kids really think of me....

so I posted this on facebook but thought it was way to funny not to share here! dang kids are pretty funny! =) i will write tomorrow and update whats going on around here!
Enjoy =)

Cut and paste these questions and ask your kids their is a RIOT!

My childrens ages:
Gage 6
Scarlet 4
Mason 4
Rhys 4

1. What is something mom always says to you?
Gage- you weirdo
Scarlet- put your foot down
Mason- sit down
Rhys-did you poop

2.What makes mom happy?
Gage- when I listen
Scarlet-a potato
Mason- becuase im good
Rhys- food

3.What makes your mom sad?
gage- me not listening
Mason- naughty kids
Rhys-vegter balls (haha)

4.How does your mom make you laugh?
Gage- i dont know
Mason- i dont know
Rhys- dancing

5. What was your mom like as a child?
Gage- just a kid
Mason- scarlet
Rhys- a baby

6. How old is your mom?
Gage- 24 98
Scarlet-i dont know proble 4
Mason- 5
Rhys- 5

7.How tall is your mom?
mason- way bigger
Rhys- 3 inches

8.What is your moms favorite thing to do?
Gage- stuff with the puter
Scarlet-clean up the house cuz the house is messy
Mason- make lunch
Rhys- run around outside

9. What does your mom do when you are not around?
Gage- goes shopping
Scarlet-run around
Mason- babysit
Rhys- im sure she works

10.If your mom becomes famous what will it be for?
Gage- a peice of junk
Scarlet-i dont know
Mason- laundry
Rhys-eat tomatos

11. What is your mom really good at?
Gage- making snacks
Scarlet- making lists
Mason- cleaning up
Rhys- juggling (LMAO I cant juggle)
12. What is your mom not very good at?
Gage-making pizza
Scarlet-proble not listening
Mason- not cleaning up
Rhys- juice berrys

13. What does your mom do for a job?
Gage- togerphy
Scarlet-proble writing lists
Mason- kicking butts
Rhys- eat

14. What is your moms favorite food?
Gage- masagna
Mason- soup
Rhys- tomatos

15. What makes you proud of your mom?
gage-i just love you
Scarlet- snacks
Mason- can i have kool-aid
Rhys- eatting

16. If your mom was a cartoon character, who would she be?
Scarlet- proble...ummm proble...ummm idont know
Mason- superman
Rhys- the cartoon network guy

17.What do you and your mom do together?
Gage-hang out at buffalo wild wings (haha love that one)
Scarlet- sit together
Mason- go to target to get diapers
Rhys- sit down

18. How are you and your mom the same?
Gage-were not the same
Scarlet- same hair
Mason- no
Rhys-3 inches

19.How are you and your mom different?
Gage-you have long hair and i dont
Scarlet- roxys black
Mason- beacuse we turn difrent
Rhys- 4 inches

20.How do you know your mom loves you?
Gage-because my heart says so
Scarlet- cuz josh showed me sign language! (hahaha)
Mason- kisses
Rhys-she feeds me food

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I see the light........

Soooo last weekend brad took off to Dayton beach Florida ( bike week) he should be home tomorrow...I hope! It's been a very LONG week alone with the kids! but on a good note I was bored and didn't have much to do so yesterday I spent all day sitting in front of my computer working on my photography website seriously I didn't even get dressed haha, but its almost done! =) its cute and fresh I love it! I have lots of sessions coming up soon and I cant wait to get some more and better pictures up in my portfolio. I'm so ready for summer to get here, this Wisconsin weather is driving me crazy, wed. it was almost 65 and today its pouring rain and 30! weird! The kiddos are good driving me nuts, so they are doing what they should be ;)

I am off to the dells next weekend with some friends for a mini vaca to go act like a kid again =) I'm a nerd like that and like to go do water parks and stuff...but with out my kids sometimes! haha! we might be going up to the wilderness for Gages B-Day...That's what he keeps saying he wants to do for his B-Day is go to the water parks, but we will see =) he also tells me he wants a vacation alone cuz he needs a break from all of us....haha what a smartass ;)

well I'm off to get the house cleaned before Brad gets home tomorrow!
Oh guess what I ran Tuesday...3 miles oh yeah...and I didn't die doing it! haha! this training for the triathlon is actually really fun!
heres a few random pictures, one of Brad and Gage....crazy how much gage is his little mini me! =) and me and Mas prcticing our myspace pose ;) haha! enjoy!

I'm out, till next time........

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meet Louie.....and our other friends!

Ok so This is my new turtle, isn't he cool =) I thought he was cool till he tried to bite me! haha! Brad brought him home last night I guess some guy he knows just brought a bunch home from Louisiana the other day.... weird but ok, so that's were he got the name Louie =) haha! this is were I almost got bit...look at him turning his head getting ready to tear my hand off! haha ok it wasn't that bad! LOL

I have two little turtles that I got from the dells last summer ( I got them at a liquor store haha) the kids named them Franklin and Harriet....what show is that from? My friend Laura got sum was a random idea to get turtles, Yes we are weird! =)

Look how small they are haha! I like them they are cute =)

and then also in the tank is my prince charming....well that's what I call him anyways ;) its just a toad that Gage found over the summer, I thought fo sho that it would have died but its still ticking! haha! he needs a crown or something! haha!

And who could forget my Roxy Roo.... Best dog ever =) ok shes just my favorite little mut!

Ok I know I haven't posted pictures of the kids in awhile, I am going to try and do that later today....or tomorrow! haha! =)

Peace out home slices! ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

13 phone books???

so yesterday I got up and decided to clean my bedroom and desk area, so I get up make some coffee and get cleaning it took me all day! seriously I cleaned like a crazy person, I sit her now with everything all neat and tidy and feel so much better =) I ended up tossing so much junk it was insane I had 6 bags of just old paper and junk, in that was 13 effing phone books! seriously who has that many phonebooks.....come on we have the Internet we really don't need any you can find EVERYTHING on the Internet! LOL but I did keep 1 just one its amazing how much space that cleared up! I had a phone book from 2002 I didn't even have a house then, and get this it was for McHennry I never even lived in McHennry! haha odd ;) anyways today me and the kiddos went to hang out with my mom for awhile, we hit up the old navy and scored some awesome deals extra 50% off the already sale price stuff I got a ton of cute stuff for the kiddos and myself of coarse ;) I needed a little retail therapy after yesterdays cleaning haha!
This week is pretty busy scarlet starts her 3rd week of cast wed. and Tuesday the boys go to the dentist ummmm so not looking forward to that :( they have to take molds of there teeth and have a thing put on them idk i don't really get it but whatever! haha! Gage has no school Friday so i think me and the gang are going to go the Lego thing up in Milwaukee, or maybe well hit up betty brine =) who knows! but any who I'm off to kick the kids butt at some wii bowling ;) haha.........yea I know I'm lame!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whats in your bag.......

OK So I got this blog idea from my friend Rach ( she always post some cool blogs) but anyways this is my favorite purse its my Dooney & Bourke, it's 3 years old but still my favorite! it was a mothers day gift i bought myself when I sold my quad stroller! =) I spent 3 weeks looking for the perfect Dooney and this was it........

Inside.....kinda scary haha! not its not too bad!
Lets see, what do we have in my bag......
A tampon! haha =)
my new favorite snappy wallet thing I'm addicted to them I have way more then any one person ever needs but I keep running into cute ways and cant help but to buy them so this one was a valentines day one but I really love the kissy lips so ill proble keep using it for awhile!

five pens....seriously who needs 5 pens in the same bags? duh! haha!
a thing of chap stick, a tube of lip plumper lip gloss, and a wetslicks lip gloss ( I like lip gloss) haha! there was a thing of sexymotherpucker in there put I lost it last weekend =(
a shit ton of receipts, that's when I know its time to do the checkbook when my bags full of receipts! ;)
got the checkbook, do note that theres no case for that haha!
my picture viewer things I got for Christmas! I love it =)
oh gotta have the camera fo sho! its always in the purse!
and a pack of gum....that's empty! haha that's proble been in there a few weeks now, sad! haha don't worry I threw it away i didn't put it back in there! haha!
in the inside pocket i have a ton of change and cards but didn't feel like dumping that all out!
well that's my bag! I love it! but I do have the itch to get a new bag tho, maybe mothers day again this year! ;) hint hint Sparky! haha!
sooooo whats in your bag?????